Lady Bird: One big cliche, well-acted, well-written but still just a cliche

We all judge films from some perspective based on our own experience. Recently, I reviewed Post and Darkest Hour both which deal with subject matter I am familiar with. I also think they are both excellent films.

So I should start my review of Lady Bird with the disclaimer. It’s a film about a teenage girl growing up, it focuses on her relationship with her parents, particularly her mother and her relationship with her friends. I have no experience of bringing up teenage girls so I am unable to comment from an informed basis as I was with Post and Darkest Hour.

There are critics who think that Lady Bird will be the best film of 2018.  I am not one of them. But then I did not have a teenage daughter.

I found the film extremely boring because it’s full of clichés. The main character, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, played brilliantly by Saoirse Ronan, is a nightmare child, with almost no redeeming features.


That’s probably a bit unfair she is a very good friend to Julianne “Julie” Steffans played by Beanie Feldstein.


But for the most part, she is  a fairly unsympathetic character. She lies about where she lives to impress the prettiest girl in class, she lies about her maths grades after she has stolen the maths teacher’s gradebook.

Much of her life seems to be stereotyped and clichéd and if you create a character  Made up of enough clichés, many teenage girls are likely to identify with her,  similarly her  relationship with her mother seems to be a cliché as well.

And then there are the nuns, wise, humane, forgiving, understanding of the wayward young teenager.

Lois Smith appears as Sister Mary Joan .jpg

And then there’s the ending. The wayward teenager realises the errors of the ways, goes to church, realises her parents were right all along. Hallelujah.

The stupidest idea ever from the worst President ever

US President Donald Trump suggested on Wednesday that arming teachers could help prevent massacres such as last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school.

By the time you have teachers shooting at mentally disturbed ex-students armed with assault rifles who are roaming the corridors of the school shooting innocent children, it’s too late.

The mentally disturbed ex-student should never have had an assault rifle in the first place.

So now, under this dingbat idea from the dingbat President, the curriculum for training teachers will include Firearms Training and Target Practice 101. That should do marvels for teacher recruitment.


A discussion in Turkish and a butter knife: State politics hits a new low

From The Age Andrews government minister John Eren will allege to parliamentary authorities that Labor factional powerbroker Adem Somyurek threatened him with a butter knife during a heated dispute in parliament on Wednesday evening.

The allegations are denied by Mr Somyurek but will plunge the Andrews government into crisis.

Adem Somyurek. Photo: Jason South

Labor factional powerbroker Adem Somyurek is the State equivalent of Barnaby Joyce but lacking Barnaby’s charm wit and flair.

Joyce hounded out of rent free apartment, apparently now homeless

The Age reports: Barnaby Joyce and his pregnant partner Vikki Campion claim they have been hounded out of their rent free apartment.

He revealed this in a joint interview, actually Vicki didn’t say much, (strange for a Senior Media Advisor) the Beetrooter did most of the talking.

A newly domesticated Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in the kitchen of the Armidale townhouse he is living in with Vikki Campion. Photo: Peter Hardin

They are both worried that their son will somehow be treated differently from other children, a statement that many of the people who commented on the interview found  strange coming from from someone so vehemently opposed to  marriage equality.

If the Beetrooter is certain about his support in the Parliamentary National Party,  (which we should remember includes that bloated waste of space George Christensen) he will find that support in direct contrast to the comments on this interview.

There were 83, every one of them negative.

A recent Newspoll found 65% of Australians thought Joyce should either resign from Parliament or go to the backbench.

Is this man simply a waste of space?

The Age reports: George Christensen has been reported to police by a Queensland environmental activist after the outspoken Nationals MP posted a photo of himself with a handgun on social media.

Mr Christensen on Saturday posted a photo of himself aiming a gun to Facebook with a post saying “You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?


The post comes just days after 17 people were killed at a shooting in a high school in the US.

It time for Malcolm Turnbull to make a stand on this kind of clownish behaviour. It’s also time for Barnaby Joyce to discipline George Christensen, publicly and firmly.

Most Australians, with the exception of the worst kind of redneck, will find this kind of behaviour absolutely repugnant.

The reason that Barnaby Joyce is leader of the National party is that the rest of the party  appears to be made up of people like George Christiansen so the choices are limited.


Turnbull gives Beetrooter his best shot: issues bonking ban

The Age reports: During his press conference on Thursday Malcolm announces the ban on ministers having sex with their staff


“Barnaby made a shocking error of judgement in having an affair with a young woman working in his office. In doing so, he has set off a world of woe for those women and appalled all of us,” the Prime Minister said in a late afternoon address.

“Barnaby knows he made that shocking error of judgement. He knows that he let down his wife and daughters and he has apologised for that and to them.”

 That’s what the Prime Minister said of the Deputy Prime Minister. No wonder he looked a bit peeved.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in question time on Thursday. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

 But there are a whole lot of other issues: The continued employment of the staff member in various senior National party members offices, Joyce’s acceptance of free accommodation from two business associates, his acceptance of the salary while contesting his New England seat.

Underneath all of this is the question of how much of this the Prime Minister actually knew about.

It seems that the only reason that the National party is keeping Barnaby Joyce in his leadership position is that they’re not going to let the Liberal party told them who their Leader should be.

As Peter Hartcher wrote in The Age “By agreeing to take leave, Joyce has conceded that he can no longer fulfil his official responsibilities.


If the Deputy Prime Minister cannot act as Prime Minister in Malcolm Turnbull’s absence overseas, he is not doing his job.”

So he should go.




Not fit to lead: Turnbull has punished Joyce the best way he can

The Age reports Just as Barnaby Joyce’s troubles appeared to stabilise ever-so-slightly – at least within his party room – Turnbull concluded his deputy’s public reputation was beyond redemption, announcing that Joyce would take leave to “consider his own position”.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addresses the issues that have risen from Barnaby Joyce’s affair on Thursday.Photo: The incompatible Alex Ellinghausen

 Please don’t go, Beetrooter, you are God’s gift to bloggers,  better than Tony Abbott, better than  Donald Trump. You’re a gift that keeps on giving.

And soon there will be a little Beetrooter running round Canberra.