Farmer Abbott’s barnyard animals (3): Priscilla the paid maternity leave show pony

Priscilla the paid maternity leave show pony is something of an anomaly in the barnyard where everybody is expected to make a useful contribution. As far as most of the other animals can see Priscilla’s only contribution is to go off to pony shows and prance around. The difficulty is that she’s a very unsuccessful show pony because she is dead ugly, very clumsy and incapable of performing the tricks that she is meant to perform.

Many of the other barnyard animals don’t really like her very much but  for some reason the Green family  from down the road really love her and insisted on  riding her at the pony shows  where they only succeed in making themselves look more ridiculous than they normally are.

The way that Farmer Abbott came by Priscilla  is subject to a lot of rumour, scuttlebutt and slander. One thing is clear, he didn’t consult anyone before purchasing her. He just turned up one day and said “I’d like you to meet Priscilla the paid maternity leave show pony.”  Almost everybody was completely gobsmacked but it was impossible to return her and get the money back. And there were dark mutterings  about his tendency to make irrational and expensive decisions after a night in the pub with his mates.

It his more reflective moments, Farmer Abbott has regrets about agreeing to buy Priscilla and tries to think of some way of making her useful.  When he can’t come up with anything, he just has another beer.

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