Farmer Abbott’s barnyard animals (5): Mince the Poodle

Mince the Poodle is one of many dogs in the barnyard. Most are working dogs but Mince is something different. Mince is not really a working dog and spent most of his life hanging out with the show pony.  Mince has been taken out to round up the cows to get him to act like a working dog but he doesn’t have the patience to be a mustering dog and just runs round barking, making it much more difficult for all the other dogs to do the job. Recently Mince got into the chook shed creating a huge fuss. A couple of the bigger roosters took to Mince and gave him thorough scratching but that didn’t help, he just ran ran barking even more. Farm Abbott had to catch  him, tie him to a fence and throw back of water over him to calm them down. Trouble was, that chooks all went off the lay  for a week. Which pissed everybody off. Nowadays, Mince is kept on a very short lead but you can see him wistfully eyeing the chook shed every now and then.

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