Farmer Abbots barnyard animals (6): Clarence, the Carbon Tax goose

Clarence, the Carbon Tax goose was not like the goose of mythology, he did not lay golden eggs which was okay because he hadn’t been designed as golden egg laying goose. Rather he was the kind of goose that was meant to keep the pond clean by eating the weeds. However, the eggs he did lay turned out to be a nice little earner for the farm. But Farmer Abbott was unimpressed.

Trouble was that Farmer Abbott had a different view of geese in general. “The only good goose is cooked goose,” he used to say. So Clarence was for the chop once Farmer Abbott had taken over Fair Dinkum farm. The problem for Farmer Abbott was that he didn’t have a big enough axe to chop off Clarence’s head.

He was hoping for a bigger axe for his birthday in the middle of the next year but until then he had put up with Clarence. The problem for Farmer Abbott was that the longer Clarence kept the pond clean and kept laying his eggs, the more everybody thought it might be a good idea to keep him on rather than turning him into a late Christmas dinner.

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