The case for the reintroduction of public flogging.

The report in The Age newspaper that the Victoria’s work safety authority,Worksafe, has been paying lawyers to minimise claims by their injured worker clients constitutes an argument for the return of public flogging, if not, then certainly the reintroduction of the use of the stocks.


The lawyers involved in the scandalous process appeared to have been working for both parties in a court case. This means that they get paid if they win and they get paid if they lose. Unfortunately their clients, the injured workers, do not seem to be aware that their lawyer is actually also working for the other side.

No amount of weasel words such as

”targeted plaintiff firm strategies”.


“meet(ing) a range of performance criteria, which includes achieving a timely outcome for injured workers’ claims for compensation and reducing the use of the courts’ time”

can disguise what this is: a gross abuse of trust and a blatant and cynical exploitation of the legal system by Worksafe and worse still, it is a gross exploitation of the centuries-old and well-known rapacity of lawyers,

Help, master, help! He is a fish hangs on the net,

Like a poor man’s right in law.

Pericles II, ii, 153

4 thoughts on “The case for the reintroduction of public flogging.

    1. Thanks Mark. I try to write something everyday. Today added of film review on Luc Bresson’s Leon:the Professional. I did a critique of an article by Amanda Vanstone yesterday that criticising her is rather like taking candy from a kid



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