No change of tactics from the Catholic Church

One of the many damning things to have come out of the enquiry into the activities of paedophile priests and the Catholic Church was the practice within the church of moving known paedophiles to new parishes. Often this meant that they were able to continue their paedophile activities as the parishioners were not informed of the reasons for their acquiring a new priest.

Cardinal Pell will move to a new appointment in Rome after just two days in the commission of enquiry. Given the Cardinal’s propensity for legal defences for his actions in relation to the victims of abuse, it would be worth asking whether a move to Rome now provides a good Cardinal with a diplomatic defence against any further action by the legal system was in Australia.

Does Australia have an extradition treaty with the Vatican? Can we get Cardinal Pell to return to Australia if he is required to answer further questions? Wouldn’t think so.

So what’s the difference between moving a paedophile priest and moving a cardinal?

This Australian public has now had an opportunity to judge the moral, ethical and spiritual stature of the Catholic Church’s most senior prince. There has been a deafening silence in his defence And significant condemnation, particularly from groups associated with the victims of abuse. Nonetheless, the Catholic Church has decided to promote him to a small elite group of people from whom they will draw the next Pope.

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