Lost at sea: Australian warships stray into Indonesian waters

My good friend and colleague, Mark Heffernan is pondering the fate of the 6 naval officers disciplned for accidentally entering Indonesian waters

He suggests that there are at least 5 possible reasons, assuming they were all highly qualified officers

1. The equipment on all six ships suffered a systematic fault which rendered their GPS units faulty (after all MH370 went off course)

2. There is a systemic failing in the way they teach navigation at ADFA (its actually amazing more boats don’t get lost going around the world)

3. The maps were wrong (maybe it was Dirk Hartog week and they were using old maps just for the heck of it)

4. All six Captains went rogue (a la Hunt for Red October) at the same time

5. They were following orders and now they are carrying the can for someone higher up

He suggests it will be interesting to see if these guys get shitty desk jobs or cushy naval attache jobs.

As you can see, Mark does a nice turn of the rhetorical.

I would like to add a sixth possibility. The Australian boats were towing Indonesian fishing boat under the “stop the boats” policy.

Leaving them outside the limit of Indonesian territorial waters may have exposed the asylum seekers to considerable risk so the Australian commanders decided to tow the boat boats to a point where they could safely make landfall.

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