Where was “the good guy with a gun?”

There seems to be a shortage of good guys with guns The NRA frequently trots out the platitude that “the only way to stop a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with the gun.”

So where was the good guy when Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree in California or when 20-year-old gunman Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School. No good guys were around when Andrew Engeldinger opened fire at Accent Signage Systems or Wade Michael Page at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin or James Holmes at the Aurora in Colorado.

Estimates of gun ownership in the US vary. The conservative estimate is 85 guns for every hundred residents. The FBI estimates that there are 300 million guns in the US, which is around 1.5 guns per person. So clearly there are enough guns around it just seems is a shortage of good guys. Perhaps the NRA knows where they are or who they are.


Or perhaps this “good guy with a gun” idea is just nonsense, a glib marketing idea peddled by a group of unthinking right-wing fascists. It is unbelievable that this group can hold the citizens of the world’s greatest democracy to ransom.

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