Farmer Abbott’s barnyard animals (8): The demise of Priscilla the paid maternity leave show pony

Priscilla had always been fairly unpopular in Farmer Abbott’s barnyard. In fact, it was only Farmer Abbott who seemed to have an unnatural attachment to and steadfastly refused to acknowledge her shortcomings, even as a show pony. As her terminal ineptitude and the expense of the upkeep became increasingly clear, the other animals in the barnyard were often seen to be sidling up to Farmer Abbott and making derogatory comments about her. Even Mince the Poodle had taken to giving her the odd nip as the passed by. Never whilst Farmer Abbott was watching however

So when Mojo the accountant suggested that it was time to cut expenditure, Farmer Abbott said, “Fine, Cut away, Joe. But nobody touches the pony.”

Mojo went away muttering, “Touch the pony, spank the monkey, choke the chicken, call it what you like, it’s gotta go.”

And then one dark night, a small group, led by Mojo, took Priscilla away to the knackery.

Next day, Farmer Abbott was concerned that he couldn’t find Priscilla.

“The Green family have taken her to a pony show” he was told.

When she didn’t return that night he was told “She’s gone on a long tour of pony shows, she may not be back for a while.”

Farmer Abbott contented himself with occasionally saying, “She was a fair dinkum pony that Priscilla.” But never concerned himself with her whereabouts. He wasn’t even suspicious when a large consignment of dog food arrived for Mince the Poodle.

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