Is the PM scaremongering?

Tony Abbott cannot resist getting on the bandwagon at every opportunity to distract the Australian public from the ongoing shambles of this government. Think taking on Putin in the Ukraine, the Malaysia airlines tragedy, the Middle Eastern war, and now terrorism in Australia. Every time, Tony Abbott is on television, making commentary (informed or otherwise) endeavouring to give the impression that he is in control of events which in at least two of these cases, he wasn’t.

So far, Abbott’s interventions and public pronouncements have made little or no difference to the turn of events. The situation in Ukraine is still unresolved and Abbott has gone strangely quiet. We still have not yet found MH370 despite Abbott appearing on television on an almost nightly basis endeavouring to give the impression that he was co-ordinated international activities.

So is this going to help? the situation in Australia in relation to perceived terrorist threat

“All you need is a determined individual who will kill without compunction, a knife an iPhone and the whole country, I regret to say, is at risk ” he told the Nine Network

There is no doubt there may be a small group of people Within Australia who may be inclined to do the bidding of their religious masters in the Middle East. But things are happening in a remarkably predictable way. The head of ASIO announces proceeds rise in the terrorist threat, Australia dispatches troops to deal with terrorists in the Middle East who pose a threat to Australia, ASIO, the federal police and the New South Wales police conduct a concerted by 800 police to uncover a terrorist plot. And all of this goes to demonstrate that our intervene in the Middle East is entirely justified.

As our engagement appears more and more difficult to justify and listen less successful, we can expect that Abbott will ramp up the rhetoric around the internal threat and anyone who who accuses him of political grandstanding will be accused of endangering the entire population of Australia.

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