Tony Abbott and terrorism: part of the problem not part of the solution.

The appearance of Prime Minister Tony Abbott on television warning of the likelihood of a terrorist attack and exhorting Australians to be “alert” can only be seen as inflammatory.

 Tony Abbott warns terrorist attack “likely” post Sydney siege

Abbott’s rhetoric over the last 12 months and made quite clear that he regards  Muslim organisations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda as being responsible for global terrorist. This is almost certainly the case but to warn, by implication, that they have a foothold in Australia is pushing things too far. Internet chatter doesn’t represent the terrorist threat. If it did  we would be in danger of being blown up by Kim Kadeshian’s bum.

But what Abbott is doing now is bringing this particular threat to Australia. While he didn’t mention any Muslim groups in his TV appearance, the subtext of what he said is “Keep an eye on the Muslims because that’s where you’ll find the terrorists.”

And all this on the basis of the tragic behaviour of one arranged criminal, admittedly a Muslim but certainly not a terrorist not associated with any terrorist organisation. Abbott is using the Martin place siege to bolster his credentials as tough on terrorism. It’s scaremongering politics at their very worst.

Moderate members of the Muslim community must be shaking their heads in disbelief at what the Prime Minister has done. If there’s anything designed to inflame relationships between the Muslim community and the rest of Australia, it’s statements such as Tony Abbott made.

Then there is Peter Dutton’s remarkable piece in linking migrants to criminal bikie gangs and threatening to deport them.

So much for peace and goodwill on earth.

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