Thank you Telstra. Not

I’m a keen blogger. Write most days.

We shifted house a week ago. When we moved into the new place, the electricity, the gas, the water, the newspaper and the mail redirection all worked like a charm.

Done on day 1.

But not Telstra.

A week later they have still not managed to connect our phone.

Well, apparently it’s connected it’s just not working. There’s a difference in the Telstra Lexicon between connected and working.

As if that isn’t enough to piss me off, I’ve been disconnected during the time of the  Great  Spill Motion. No opportunity to comment on the the wisdom of the Parliamentary Liberal Party continuing on with a bloke with a 78% disapproval rating who still thinks he is the best man for the job.

No chance to comment on the fact that poor old Joe Hockey is still blaming everybody from the Labor Party to his own Treasury officials, for the mess he is in.

Anyhow, I don’t feel so bad because Tony has not disappointed. He is a gift to bloggers that keeps giving and giving. The first few days of his “good government starts tomorrow (or was it today?)” have been so chaotic that there will clearly be plenty more good raw material.

What I don’t like about the thought of Turnbull being Prime Minister is that I think he will probably be boringly competent.

Hang in there Tone, keep punching.

One thought on “Thank you Telstra. Not

  1. The bit I liked was when he said that he would be more communicative and consultative and then said oh btw the caucus meeting tbat was for Tuesday is now on Monday due to a captains call

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