God, the Law, Gay Rights and Islamic Terrorism in Alabama

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Roy Moore decided to defy a federal court judge who ruled Alabama’s stance on gay marriage was unconstitutional by directing Alabama judges not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Judge In 2001 Moore was elected to the office of Chief Justice saying the state of Alabama established justice by “invoking the favour and guidance of Almighty God”. He was later removed from the position for various traditional indiscretions  one of which included installing a two-and-a-half ton stone tablet of the Ten Commandments installed in the central rotunda of the Supreme Court building.

So much to the separation of church and state.

He was re-elected in 2012.

After his stance on gay marriage all crazy people came out from underneath their rocks.

The evangelist preacher Cindy Adams told her flock that God had told her that He was using Alabama as a tool in his fight against Satan. “God says, ‘There will be an anointing come out of Alabama that is going to reserve the judicial activism that has been in this nation,” she explained. “God says. ‘And I’m going to use Alabama to reverse what Satan has done and it will tip the nation.'”

A Mississippi Ku Klux Klan outfit staged a rally and issued a statement in Moore’s support. “The Mississippi Klan salutes Alabama’s chief justice Roy Moore, for refusing to bow to the yoke of Federal tyranny,” Brent Waller, the UDKW’s imperial wizard wrote. “The fudge packers from Hollywood and all major news networks are in shock that the good people from the heart of Dixie are resisting their Imperialist, Communist Homosexual agenda!”

Erick Erickson, the blogger recently named by the Atlantic magazine as the most powerful  the conservative in America, wrote a piece explaining the parallels between gay rights activists and Islamic terrorists.

Erick Erickson links gay marriage to Islamic terrorism
Erick Erickson links gay marriage to Islamic terrorism

Moore argues that “the basic problem in our country has been distancing God from our country and our laws. And you can’t do that. If you do that, you must say that rights and freedoms come not from God, but from Man. If you say they come from Man they will be taken away.”

When you look at these views, it becomes clear why social progress is so difficult in the conservative states of America. It is impossible to argue with people like Roy Moore, Cindy Adams   (who speaks directly to God), Brent Waller or Erick Erickson, because there is no logic or intellectual structure behind their views.  It’s just a series of assertions normally based either on speaking directly to God or on highly subjective or implausible interpretations of the scriptures.

The United States Supreme Court is set to rule on a gay marriage case sometime before June, settling the issue nationally once and for all. Legal observers expect them to declare it illegal for states to reserve marriage for heterosexual couples. Moore concedes that if it does he will be bound by the decision.

The good thing is that ultimately the rule of law does prevail.

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