Not supporting lifestyle choices with taxpayer funds

Tony Abbott’s been caught  with his snout in the travel expenses trough before. He’s managed to combine  “work commitments” with various triathlons and attendances at  mate’s weddings.  In fairness, he did refund the money. He knew was wrong. But he still doing it.

The Herald Sun has revealed Mr Abbott  jetted to Melbourne to attended a lavish birthday party for Paul Marks at the Huntingdale Golf Club.

Mr Marks is the executive chairman of Nimrod Resources. Between them and Rod and Max donated $750,000 to the Liberal party.

The VIP jet that Abbott is alleged to have used can cost about $4000 an hour to operate.

Clearly, Tony Abbott thinks it was one rule for everybody else and another for him and at the end of the age of entitlement certainly doesn’t include prime ministerial perks.

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