More examples of the need for the reintroduction of public flogging

In December 2013, I posted a blog entitled The case for the reintroduction of public flogging.

I am a gentle soul so I moderated my argument to placing offenders in stocks where they could be pelted with rotten vegetables and generally humiliated.


Now we have a number of candidates for whom this punishment would be particularly appropriate, in the light of the proceedings at IBAC.

Top education department officials directed large sums of public money into the bank accounts of specially chosen state primary and secondary schools, then used the funds to pay for allegedly corrupt $2.5 million contracts to family members or for crates of wine and expensive coffee machines.

Candidate 1

Jeff Rosewarne
Jeff Rosewarne

Jeff Rosewarne was the secretary of the Department of Education, no less, and the apparent ringleader of a group that appears to have misappropriated funds meant for  Victorian public schools and used them for lunches, overseas trips and various forms of high living.

Candidate 2

Nino Napoli
Nino Napoli

Napoli was a senior Department official who  apparently encouraged his son to lie about his involvement in the scam at the  IBAC inquiry. He’s since been sacked.

There will be a sorry procession of the people who  appeared to have shamelessly used funds meant for the education of children in public schools to fund their own profligate lifestyles.

This procession will include Raffaele Napoli, former Essendon North Primary school principal Michael Giulieri, John Fawkner College principal Gus Napoli, Daniel Calleja and a  former senior department official, John Allman.

So what should we do with them?

Public stocks in Federation Square for the term of their prison sentence. Supplies of rotten vegetables and animal faecal matter to be left provided for  public school children to hurl as required.

Prisoners to be released daily for community service work.

Prison sentences to be converted to  said community service, to be spent cleaning toilets in state primary and secondary schools. Payment for said community service at normal cleaning rates.

Community service to continue until the entire debt of $2.5 million is repaid.

And many would think that be getting off lightly

2 thoughts on “More examples of the need for the reintroduction of public flogging

  1. Hi Tim We are like-minded. My reaction to these criminal bureaucrats who are so blatantly stealing from education funding was to have them in the stocks in Fed Square – for a prolonged period – giving teachers, students, and parents an opportunity to vent their anger and frustration. MAD AS HELL! Date: Sun, 3 May 2015 07:03:20 +0000 To:

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