Ironies of abstinence

One of the ironies of an emphasis on abstinence in the school curriculum is spending all that time talking about not having sex probably makes most adolescents think more about actually having sex than they would normally do. If that is actually possible.

So  this announcement comes as no surprise

An outbreak of chlamydia at a high school in Texas has forced administrators there to send a warning note home to parents.

District officials confirmed to CBS7 last Friday that the Crane Independent School District has seen 20 cases of the sexually transmitted disease in its high school, adding that letters have also been sent to the district’s junior high school as a precaution.

The station estimates 1 in 15 students at the school has contracted chlamydia.

The high school offers a three-day sexual education course once a year that emphasizes abstinence.

It is estimated that around 1 million people have chlamydia in the US.  So that’s around 1 in 200. The infection rates at Crane Independent School District One 1 in 15. That puts the right at the high school roughly 30 times higher than the general population.

And it’s highly likely that there are a large number of cases that have gone unreported.

Either the kids at the school have been dead unlucky or they are all bonking their brains out.

The sad thing is that given the school education program, the kids that have contracted this disease are probably bog ignorant about what has happened.

Probably time to revise the curriculum and provide some really practical experience with safe sex practices. Condom machines in each classroom would help as well.

Putting up this poster in all hallways would help as well.


Or they could just spend more time talking about abstinence.

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