Some advice for Glenn Lazarus on the mankini

Glenn Lazarus gained some political gravitas recently when he departed from political Laa-Laa land by leaving the Palmer United Party. He will now sit as an independent senator for another five years unless the Abbott government calls a double dissolution.

Like the other defectors from political parties, Madigan and Lambie, he must now create a political profile similar to that of Nick Xenophon and do it without the backing of Clive Palmer’s millions and without Xenophon’s political smarts.

So it was clever to take to the streets of Brisbane in support of gay marriage. Popular cause, good TV coverage, the kinds of things you need to get re-elected to the Senate.

But then, he threatens to turn up to parliament in a mankini if the legislation doesn’t get through.

Now this is really dumb on a couple of counts.

The first is that an image of Glenn Lazarus in a mankini immediately springs to mind. It’s something like this:


Although in the case of Senator The Brick with Eyes, it is slightly less appealing.

The second is that if the legislation does not get through, he must either fulfil his promise or spend a lot of time explaining why he can’t. In both of these situations, he will look very silly.

So the advice is: Pursuing populist causes is a smart thing to do if you’re an independent senator but threatening to appear near naked should be avoided at all costs.

With the double dissolution Senator Lazarus is now seeking re-election. You can see his party policy on his website.

If you live in Queensland and you’re  disillusioned with the main parties, you should vote for Glenn.

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