A practical step in dealing with domestic violence.

The highly innovative Neighbourhood Justice Centre in Collingwood is using online applications to streamline court processes. Here is the latest example:

Victims of family violence will be able to apply for intervention orders on their mobile phones using an app designed to make it safer for them to leave their partners.

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre, a division of the Magistrates’ Court, is trialling the app for smartphones, tablets and their website, which can be used by adults in the city of Yarra for the next six months.

Director of the Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Kerry Walker said the form was “full of legalese” and that filling it out was a “torturous” process. “We wanted to change the emotional logic of the form … (so that the applicant) has a choice of where she fills it out, in a place where she feels safest.”

NJC Director Kerry Walker
NJC Director Kerry Walker

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre, is the first Community Justice Centre in Australia and  works in partnership with local organisations and community members to tackle local justice, crime and safety issues, and come up with lasting, local solutions.

Established while Rob Hulls was Attorney General in the previous Labor government, the NJC is dedicated to innovative approaches to justice and works towards finding alternatives to incarceration for a range of offenders. While funding was uncertain under the previous Liberal government, the Andrew’s government has assured the future of this innovative justice centre.

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