Barnaby Joyce: the Rinehart connection

Barnaby Joyce has been sticking his oar in the water in the dispute between Gina Rinehart and her children over $5 billion trust. It even involved him writing a letter offering advice to one of Hancock’s daughters, despite the fact it never met her.

Naturally the family wasn’t impressed.

The son of billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart has lashed out at cabinet minister Barnaby Joyce’s “dangerous” intervention in the court battle over a $5 billion trust and questioned whether the potential Nationals leader is fit to serve as a minister.

Joyce’s  actions have him being labelled a minion of Gina Rinehart in the press.

Is Barnaby Joyce too close to Gina Rinehart?
Is Barnaby Joyce too close to Gina Rinehart?

Given that he was intervening on the losing side and now that the judgement has been given with a round condemnation of Gina Rinehart’s behaviour by the judge presiding over the case, Joyce is beginning to look exceptionally foolish.

The  “minion” tag will stick and it will make it very difficult for Joyce to be involved in any decisions that might involve the interests of the powerful mining magnate.

It’s been a week of silliness for Barnaby.

First he was threatening to have Johnny Depp’s dogs put down (probably the first time a Minister of Agriculture has involved himself directly in the matters that would normally be handled by the local dog-catcher) and second getting involved in rather unpleasant family spat involving the richest woman in Australia and her rapacious children.

Neither of these indiscretions was going to end well and they haven’t.

Nonetheless, Barnaby has plenty of time to retire to his private suite in Parliament House and wash the egg from his face.

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