More advice from Joe Hockey to first home buyers.

Joe Hockey had some very good advice for first-time buyers: “Get a good job that pays good money.”

 Get a job (and a haircut)
Get a job (and a haircut)

He’s right in one respect, if you do have a good job (or preferably two good jobs between you and your partner) you have a much better chance of getting and paying off a loan to buy a house in  one of the main cities where most people live.

But Joe left out some of the really important bits of advice:

  • Get elected to a safe seat in Parliament that way you’re guaranteed a minimum salary of around $200,000 a year.
  • Get to be treasurer then you can earn in excess of $360,000 a year.
  • Get a partner who is a merchant banker.
  • Buy a house in your partner’s name and live in it while you are at work and pay your   generous company expense allowance to your spouse as rent.
  •  Find a way to charge all of your travel expenses to your employer.

Now that’s a way to get ahead in life.

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