Tony Abbott starts to dodge and weave on gay marriage.

 The Age reports that  “Prime Minister Tony Abbott has slapped down a cross-party attempt to legalise same-sex marriage”

Abbott stated that he  “supports the current policy that marriage is between a man and a woman. The government’s priority is strong economic management and keeping Australians safe.”

Now gay marriages been blamed for a lot of things. Corey Bernardi believes it will lead to an increase in bestiality. Bernardi was reported in the SMH  as saying that the “next step” after recognising same-sex marriage was to support “creepy people” who chose to have sex with animals.”

 Bernardi sees gay marriage as opening the floodgates  not as a civil rights
Bernardi sees gay marriage as opening the floodgates not as a civil rights

But it appears that if gay marriages introduced to Australia economic  management will go to hell in a hand basket and Australians will be far less safe. I’m not certain if Abbott thinks this is direct cause and effect or if the amount of intellectual effort required to introduce and pass legislation will make him unable to concentrate on anything else. Whatever way is a pretty strange position to take.

But be ready for the opponents of gay marriage to use every trick in the Parliamentary rule book to avoid having legislation come before the Parliament. It will be a rearguard action that will demonstrate how a small group of right-wing reactionary white males are able to frustrate what is clearly a widely supported piece of legislation.

Perhaps someone should explain them that the legislation will only make it legal not compulsory.

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