Who is responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Syria?

The answer is pretty obvious. The most immediate villain is the murderous Assad government and then following pretty close behind are all the other belligerents in this tragic civil war: America and its allies, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iraq, the Kurds and most recently, Turkey.

And now, Australia appears to be about to join them by extending the operations of the RAAF to bombing ISIS in Syria with no better reason than Tony Abbott’s assurance that the Americans have asked for Australian involvement. Even this looks pretty dubious and most people suspect that Abbott is only interested in bombing operations in Syria in the hope that it will strengthen his parlous domestic political standing in Australia.

Now, Tony Abbott is a busy man. He’s been up in the Northern Territory visiting aboriginal communities where he has been engaged in a series of mindless photo opportunities that do nothing tangible to improve the lot of indigenous communities. But he has certainly been busy because presumably he was running the country at the same time.

So we can only assume that someone has told them that there is a tragic humanitarian and refugee crisis engulfing southern Europe as result of the conflict in Syria. And we can only assume that he has given thought to the contribution that Australia will make towards helping the millions of people displaced by this war.


Australia already stands condemned by the international community for its policies towards refugees in the southern hemisphere. Get the Prime Minister is contemplating participating in a war that creates refugee problems far beyond the scope of anything that Australia faces.

It is absolutely tragic that Australia is actively contemplating making a small but symbolic contribution to the misery of millions of people in the Middle East.

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