Australia: still part of the problem, not part of the solution

Australians have witnessed the very human side of the suffering of the Syrian refugees. The pictures on our television sets have shown families, just like our own, struggling to escape the violence in Syria. Watching the news coverage, you ask yourself how does a mother care for a small child as she  struggles to walk the 150 km to reach the Austrian border?


There are signs that the situation is easing for the refugees but the help that is being offered is still only a drop in the bucket.

Britain says it will “act with its heart” and take thousands more Syrian asylum seekers as the United Nations called on the European Union to admit up to 200,000 refugees as part of a “mass relocation program” that would be binding on EU states.

Back in Australia back in Australia, some politicians and standing up and demanding that Australia does more.

NSW Premier Mike Baird has challenged Prime Minister Tony Abbott to do more to help Syrian refugees, saying “stopping the boats can’t be where this ends”

 Mike Baird: a voice of decency and compassion in the refugee debate
Mike Baird: a voice of decency and compassion in the refugee debate

And this is met by the predictable response, or lack of response, from Prime Minister Tony Abbott who seems to be hellbent on alienating almost every constituency in the electorate

Tony Abbott appears to have shut the door on a further increase in Australia’s intake of Syrian refugees even as his cabinet moves closer to approving air strikes on the war-torn nation.

Tony “more bombs” Abbott

When is someone going to take a step back and say  “Hold on, perhaps the solution is not dropping more bombs on these people. Perhaps the solution is to find some way of reaching a ceasefire and then some form of peace in Syria.”

At present, Tony Abbott seems hellbent on making the situation worse.

We don’t need to be part of this war.  Perhaps, if Australia were to say “no more bombs”, some other countries may follow. Who knows what the outcome will be if we can begin scaling down the level of violence.

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