Gun violence is becoming the new normal in America

St Louis, Missouri: Police say an 11-year-old boy has fatally shot a 16-year-old intruder during a home invasion in the United States,

The exact details of this are a little hazy. One version is that the intruders were engaged in their third attempt to break into the boy’s house. Another is that he called them onto the property when he learned there were trying to sell him a phone.

We can only wait to hear what outrageous spin the NRA will put on this incident after their absolute disgraceful attack on the parents of slain TV presenter Alison Walker.

There’s no point in asking the question: ”  How did an 11-year-old boy have access to a gun?”

What is absolutely clear is that there are now far too many firearms in the hands of people who have absolutely no idea of how to use them responsibly.

And “protecting myself from tyranny”  (The reason that 64% of Americans give owning a gun) is not a responsible argument or reason for the ownership of guns.

Given the level of gun ownership in America, it is probably now highly likely that everybody in America either lives in a house with a gun or next door to somebody who owns a gun (or two or three or four).

Given the covert message of the NRA, that the use of firearms is a legitimate way of resolving disputes things can only get worse.

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