What we are probably not going to get from Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull is the preferred prime minister for nearly 2/3 of the electorate. That puts them well ahead of his nearest competitor, the opposition’s Bill Shorten.

 The inferior and over budget NBN will be an issue for Turnbull
The inferior and over budget NBN will be an issue for Turnbull

And almost everybody knows why Malcolm Turnbull is so popular. The first reason is that he’s not Tony Abbott, the second is  that he is not Bill Shorten and the third is that the electorate expects a change from the regressive policies of the Abbott administration.

So many people probably thought that when elected prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull would stand up and say that he was going to:

  •  Bring forward the legislation for marriage equality
  •  Provide support for the renewable energy sector
  •  Set higher emission targets
  •  Dump  the hopelessly ineffective direct action climate change policy
  •  Bring forward the legislation for aboriginal recognition of the constitution
  •  Initiate tax reform to bring the budget back into surplus.
  •  Provide a more humane policy towards asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island.
  •  Providing an NBN that actually works properly

But what have we heard so far these issues?

Zip, nothing and zilch.

No leadership statements, no big pictures, no vision for the future just a promise to build consensus within the deeply riven parliamentary party.

If it’s going to be business as usual then it will be opinion polls as usual. Indications are that change of leadership has brought the opinion polls from 54 – 46 to 50 – 50. It’s a turnaround but it’s going to need something more to be turned into an election winning position and is no indication  yet that Malcolm is concerned with anything other than cementing his own position in his party.

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