If the white, Catholic, old men of the Turnbull government don’t like you, then you’re a terrorist.

The government has issued a kit for teachers to alert their pupils the dangers of terrorism.

For this government, it seems that a terrorist is anybody they don’t like: greens, people involved in the alternative music scene and environmentalists in particular.

One case study in the ‘Violent Extremism’ section tells the story of a girl called ‘Karen’ who becomes involved in the “alternative music scene, student politics and left-wing activism” when she leaves home.

‘Karen’ ends up sabotaging logging machinery and being arrested “on numerous occasions” while becoming “totally cut off from her family”.

To some people, Karen would be modern-day heroine, someone who is prepared to sacrifice their personal liberty for their beliefs. This kind of idealism certainly doesn’t wash well with the current government.

It’s interesting that being involved in ” left-wing activism” gets a black mark but being involved in “right- wing activism” doesn’t even get a mention.

Mind you, this should come as no surprise given that we now know that Tony Abbott was planning an inquiry into the scientific methods of the Bureau of Meteorology because it produce statistics indicated that the club was changing.

In fairness to Malcolm Turnbull, it’s probably fair to say that both of these pieces of rubbish probably had first incarnation of the previous Abbott administration so it will be interesting to see if he moves to have it removed from the schools.

Being a part of this group is not a problem but saving a forest is

Being a part of this group is not a problem but saving a forest is

When I was a young teacher in the 1960s, one of the formative books for me was this book.


Central thesis was that the role of school and the teacher was to produce young people who would be capable of bringing about change in society.

That was back in the good old days.

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