The plight of asylum seekers is a festering sore

Two refugees have reportedly been raped in Nauru, leaving one refugee pregnant.

A chilling recording made after a female refugee reported she was raped in Nauru has been uncovered by ABC’s 7:30.

The footage on 7.30 was chilling.  Finally the physical and sexual abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru has come to light in Australian media.

A former case worker for Save the Children, Danielle Serrano, (decided) to speak to media about what she saw on the island.

In doing so, she runs the risk of prosecution for speaking out about matters that occur on Nauru.

This be quite clear about this. This is a national disgrace. We should all hang our heads in shame that our elected representatives have created a system that produces this kind of atrocity.

We have a Prime Minister who speaks out about violence against women. But so far there has been no comment from him about what is going on a Nauru.   Let alone any moves to fix the situation.

In fairness, he did say “I have the same concerns about the situation of people on Manus and Nauru … as I think all Australians do,”  when speaking to Sky news weeks or so ago

Now is the time for Malcolm  to walk the talk.

Violence against women is violence against women with recurs in Australian homes or in Australian detention centres overseas. The difficulty with that occurring in Australian detention centres is that it can very quickly look as if these conditions are part of the punishment for being an asylum seeker.

Now is an opportunity for the new Prime Minister to show real leadership and moral courage.

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