Delusional ex-PM becomes a running joke

The sooner the Liberal government can arrange for Tony Abbott to become the Ambassador to the Vatican the better because it will put an end to his efforts and self-justification which are only tarnishing the small shreds of the reputation that he left the Prime Minister’s office with.

His recent interview on television indicated that in his delusional state  he is endeavouring to rewrite history and his efforts are pathetically laughable

The first part of this effort is to run the line that he was deposed by a small group of extremely ambitious politicians and that his fall had nothing to do with his incredible popularity.

He urged voters  “even if they have to do it through gritted teeth, (to) support the Coalition.”

He doesn’t realise that while he was PM, that was the way Liberal party loyalists were supporting him and his government.

He also doesn’t seem to realise that most people are very happy to support Malcolm Turnbull and that a vast number more prefer Malcolm Turnbull as PM.  If Selective Perception were an Olympic sport, Tony Abbott would be the gold medallist.

One of his more amazing statements was that the Liberal party “virtually won” the 2010 election. This is absolute nonsense. Labor and the Coalition each won 72 seats.  That’s a draw. But what turned it into a labour victory was Julia Gillard’s ability to enlist the support of the cross-bench members who were part of Tony Abbott’s natural political constituency.

Looking back, it was an augur of the current government’s failure to gain cross-bench supported in the Senate.

Abbott is running the line that the Coalition has not changed its policies and to date he is  probably right.  He is positioning himself so that he can say when, and if, Malcolm Turnbull wins next election, ” See, Turnbull won with with all of my policies.  I could have one too.”

He believes that somehow in the next 12 months he would have experienced a Lazarus -like resurrection.

But Lazarus had divine intervention and there is nothing to suggest that Tony was going to be similarly blessed

The Raising of Lazarus: Carl Heinrich Bloch: The Raising of Lazarus:

The Raising of Lazarus: Carl Heinrich Bloch: The Raising of Lazarus:

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