Not good enough, Mr Turnbull

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says reports two refugees were raped on Nauru are “alarming” and the Government is committed to ensuring the safety of people who are sent to offshore processing centres.

He added that “The whole government is very committed to ensuring that women – that all of the transferees and refugees, but in this context women and children – are absolutely safe in that environment.”

The Age has reported that Almost 450 University of Sydney staff have demanded the Turnbull government intervene in the “torture and abuse” of refugees at Manus Island and Nauru, saying the issue is “a crucial test of the moral mettle of our society”.

It is not a matter of making them safe on Nauru. They will never be safe on Nauru where rule of law and order has broken down completely.

Let us not forget that the Nauruan government deported its only magistrate, Peter Law, who was about to hear cases against asylum seekers involved in the recent rioting.

The answer is to close the detention centres and bring these asylum seekers back to Australia for processing.

Nothing more nothing less.

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