Thank heavens for tough coppers

A Queensland man has been found guilty of the murder of a Victorian teenager more than 30 years ago.

Stephen James Bradley, 53, of the Brisbane suburb of Spring Hill, was today found guilty by a Supreme Court jury in Victoria.

The investigation was led by Ron Iddles who is now head of the Victorian Police Union.

Now, Ron Iddles has the face of a copper who has been round the block a few times, which indeed he has, having investigated 300 murders and made arrests in 95% of them.

Tough cop: Ron Iddles
Tough cop: Ron Iddles

But when he appeared on television after the conviction of Bradley, he wept for the pain of the murdered girl’s family.

He became emotional when he thanked the jury, because the girl’s mother, Elvira, died before the verdict was delivered.

“I’ve spoken to her probably every month right up until two weeks ago,” he said.

Ron Iddles serves to reminder us of two things about our police force.

The first is the importance of dedicated officers like Ron Iddles.

The second is that this dedication carries a cost and that this cost is paid by the individual police officer.

So we need to see the dedication of actions of Ron Iddles against the actions of the student who appears to be an associate of  Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad who killed 17-year police force veteran and accountant Curtis Cheng.

Protected, even in police custody
Protected, even in police custody

This deluded young man has posted threats of violence against the police.  Yet, even when he was arrested, he was provided a level of protection, namely protection of his identity, that he is not prepared to extend to those who arrested him.

There was a time when he would have fallen down several flights of stairs when taken to a police station. Those days unfortunately behind us. Yet he would do well to reflect on what his fate would have been had he run foul of Islamic revolutionaries he supports.

We are fortunate that we live in a society where our standards of  civilised behaviour can be judged by the protection and safety that we extend the most repugnant of offenders.

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