Staggering hypocrisy from Senator Heffernan

The Age reports that A former Australian prime minister is on a list of “alleged paedophiles” that Liberal senator Bill Heffernan claims forms part of a police document.

Heffernan also claims that lawyers had allegedly attended a Kings Cross “boy brothel”.


He is calling for an investigation into potential paedophilia in the legal profession, particularly New South Wales.

Heffernan’s claims are extremely serious and they have been aired in the Senate Committee, a place where the Australian people can expect the representatives to examine issues normally may not fall within the range of those dealt with by the police.

But there are concerns about his handling of the issue. The first is that he has a list from an unidentified agency. The second is that he is unable to disclose in if the names on the list. So the credibility of the evidence he is presenting must at lease be subject to scrutiny if not doubt.

And then there is a staggering hypocrisy of what he’s doing

Despite the fact that he claims that one of the names on the list is that  of a former prime minister, Heffernan is not suggesting there should be an investigation into parliamentarians (or prime ministers).

What’s good for the lawyers should be good for the politicians.

This is the trouble with witch hunts you never know just who will be burnt at the stake.

So let’s do a little bit of background on the good Senator.

  • He first came to fame for accusing a world famous jurist, Michael Kirby who, at the time was a High Court judge, of soliciting for young boys using a Commonwealth car. The upshot of it was that he lost his position as parliamentary secretary, was censured by the Senate and withdrew his accusations.
  • Heffernan caused widespread outrage by suggesting the unmarried and childless Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julia Gillard was unfit for leadership because she was “deliberately barren”. He continued: “I mean anyone who chooses to remain deliberately barren … they’ve got no idea what life’s about.” Heffernan was later forced to apologise for the remarks   (Wikipedia)
  • On 30 August 2010, Heffernan admitted being the caller who rang NSW independent MP Rob Oakeshott, and introduced himself as “the devil”. The phone call was answered by Oakeshott’s wife, who assumed it was a prank call and hung up, before Heffernan gave his name. (Wikipedia)
  • On 20 May allegations were reported in the media that Heffernan struck a fellow Liberal party member and suspended electoral officer, Ray Carter, so hard that he was toppled onto a chair, before allegedly whispering to him “I didn’t know you were a poofter.” during a branch meeting on 3 May. (Wikipedia)
  • On 2 December, during the parliament’s last sitting week of the year, Heffernan rang the office of Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm in order to get Leyonhjelm to drop his threat to block government legislation if the Coalition party-room failed to allow a conscience vote on his bill to legalise same-sex marriage. When Leyonhjelm later appeared in the Senate chamber, Heffernan called him a “terrorist”, to which Leyonhjelm responded by telling Heffernan to “fuck off”, three times. (Wikipedia)

So perhaps a leopard has changed his spots, but you wouldn’t bet on it.

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