Another reason why Nauru is such a bad idea

The Age reports that Refugees are not raped on Nauru and would riot for the cameras if Australian journalists were allowed onto the Pacific island, the Nauruan government claims.

The government also insists Australian journalists have an “air of racial superiority” and it is under no obligation to respond to their requests for information, despite Commonwealth taxpayers spending billions of dollars on the island’s detention centre.

To be fair, it’s not just the Nauran government’s fault that things are going pear -shaped. Australian policy on asylum seekers is deeply flawed and a detention centre on Nauru was always going to present more problems than it solved.

It’s not reasonable to expect the poverty stricken, poorly governed island community to accept responsibility for Australia’s misplaced policies.

But to deny media access only reinforces the idea that things are not going well on Nauru and that this time for the detention centre to be closed and the detainees brought to Australia.

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