Charity bonds to ensure silence is a national disgrace

The Age reports that charities working in immigration detention centres were asked to pay multimillion-dollar bonds that could be forfeited if they spoke out against government policy, as the Coalition sought to maintain secrecy over border protection.

The Turnbull government should hang its head in shame over this policy and Bill Shorten’s ongoing silence further the view that he is unfit for national leadership. He’s too busy worrying about branch stacking (in which most people suspect is deeply implicated) to take a public stand on issues like this.

What is it that the government is so frightened of the Australian public knowing about?

What is going on on these islands that needs so much secrecy and repression?

Why can the Australian people not know what is being done in their name and with the use of their taxpayer dollars?

It’s shameful that charities such as Save the Children and the Red Cross are forced into a situation of humiliating silence simply to perform their key functions: protecting the weak and oppressed.

It is even more shameful that the Australian Government is behind this disgraceful arrangement.

And another thing:

It is time we stop calling them detention centres and named them for what they really are.

They are prison camps.

As a nation, it is time that we  faced up to this fact.

Two detention centres: one American, one Australian.
Two detention centres: one American, one Australian.

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