Direct action: a dud policy that is still a dud

The Age reports that The centrepiece of the Turnbull government’s climate policy will deliver just one-seventh of Australia’s post-2020 carbon reduction goals, according to analysis by The Climate Institute.

The $2.55 billion Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) – which may swell to almost $5 billion by 2030 – will likely deliver about 355 million tonnes of carbon abatement, based on the price paid in the fund’s first auction, the group said in a report.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has maintained the climate goals of his predecessor Tony Abbott. These project a 5 per cent fall in Australia’s 2000 emissions by 2020 and about 19 per cent out to 2030.

Based on government projections, the goals imply Australia will need to cut emissions by a cumulative total between 2015 and 2030 of 2.5 billion tonnes – or about seven times the ERF’s likely abatement, The Climate Institute said.

And then this from Minister in Charge of Not Understanding Climate Change

A spokesman for Mr Hunt said there is “no doubt that the ERF is incredibly effective”.

“The results speak for themselves,” he said. “Our system is delivering massive emissions reductions.”

Hazelwood Power station is not contributing to Greg Hunt's massive reduction
Hazelwood Power station is not contributing to Greg Hunt’s massive reduction

Anyone who has an intelligent understanding of the dynamics of climate change new that direct action was not going to work. Is an expensive and very bad policy and it should be dropped.

If Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t understand this, he should do some homework because Australians are expecting a more educated and intelligent approach to emissions control in Australia than the Direct Action policy represented.

Turnbull keeps talking about the need for Australia to be “agile”. The only agility that Turnbull is showing a present is his ability to avoid serious policy decisions

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