Why the rule of law is so important

The Age reports that The accused ringleader of an alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in Geelong has pleaded for protection while he’s held in custody.

Suddenly, this alleged scumbag, is pleading for the protection of the law.

Something that he, his brothers and his mates did not extend to his alleged victim.

Many would think that the retribution he will receive while on remand is justly deserved.

But our system says that the presumption of innocence means that he is entitled to the protection of the law, despite what it is alleged that he did.

The irony is that while we are appalled by the protection that this man is given it is a sign of the great strength of our legal system that he can be given.

A justice system is only as strong as protection it provides for the weakest and the least deserving

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