Scott Morrison really isn’t a very good treasurer

In his column in The Age, Ross Gittings writes

Morrison hadn’t been in the job long before he began repeating a line Hockey had belatedly stopped repeating that, with the budget, “we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem”.

He then asks

Why would any treasurer in his right mind say such a patently stupid thing? Because he’s allowing ideological preference to override the plain facts.

Actually there is another answer, well two answers, given the question.

The first is that he is stupid.

The second is that he is not a very good treasurer.

He is the last a long line of less than inspiring incumbents: Joe Hockey, Wayne Swan, and before them Peter Costello. (Chris Bowen not included as he only spent three months in the job). We then go back to Ralph Willis and John Dawkins.


An uninspiring lot: Hockey, Swan, Costello, Willis, Morrison and Dawkins

It is probably a commentary on how little effect the Federal Treasurer has on the economy when you think the economy did fairly well during the tenure of the six men.

But it would be nice to have a treasurer who knows what he’s doing.

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