Turnbull slaps Abbott down

In his first national security interest to Federal Parliament Malcolm Turnbull said

“We should grieve and we should be angry, but we must not let grief or anger cloud our judgment.

“Our response must be as clear-eyed and strategic as it is determined. This is not a time for gestures or machismo. Calm, clinical, professional, effective – that’s how we defeat this menace.”

It was a statement that pointedly distanced him from the rhetoric of his discredited predecessor Tony Abbott.

It’s a marked departure from Abbott’s florid rhetoric of “ISIS is coming for all Australians.”

It must be galling for Abbott to have to sit on the backbench and endure this kind of attack. But no matter how galling for Abbott, it’s offset by the many Australians who think he had it coming.

It must be even more galling for the playground bully to have no right of reply to what the Prime Minister said.


Tony Abbott hopes for a message from above

Abbott and his minions (Abetz and Andrews) seem intent on demonstrating their political irrelevance.


Kevin Andrews struggled for credibility as Defence Minister. Why should we be listening to him now he is a backbencher?

The longer they continue to pursue the international policy directions from the previous administration, the more it appears obvious that Australia was heading in the wrong direction under Tony Abbott.

There is a case to be argued that this is not Australia’s war and that our participation in the conflict in the Middle East is the largest factor in making us a target for terrorist attacks.

Perhaps Malcolm Turnbull will put that case soon.





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