What was it about Peta Credlin?

The Age reports that Tony Abbott says he would have died happy with his government’s achievements if he had been accidentally killed on the morning of the day that he was removed as prime minister.

He blames the Senate, the media, internal white anting, in fact everything except himself, for his losing the prime ministership.

Julie Bishop has rejected outright Tony Abbott’s claim that his government was the victim of “well-organised white-anting”, and blamed his own poor performance as the reason he was ousted as Prime Minister.

Indeed, doesn’t Tony remember the appalling paid parental leave scheme, the knighthood for Prince Philip, our disastrous engagement in the Middle East, Joe Hockey’s  politically inept 2013 budget, the travel rorts by senior government members, including himself, and his pig-headed defence of Bronwyn Bishop (in fact you can add appointing Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker in the first place to that list).

He also mounted a strenuous defence of his Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin, who here clears the way through media scrum for her boss, who dutifully follows two paces behind.


The article in the age also suggests that Abbott may have been having an affair an affair with Credlin. That may explain his blind devotion and loyalty to her but it doesn’t explain why he was blindly loyal to Joe Hockey.

The article also revisits the old territory where Abbott was repeatedly advised by his closest political allies, including numbers man and ex-Senator Eric Abetz, that he wouldn’t continue to have party room support unless he dumped Credlin  and Hockey. It’s a rather backhanded compliment but it’s also an indication of Credlin’s political power that she was ranked with the Treasurer.

There are pictures in the public domain that certainly paint a picture of a close if not intimate relationship between the two.

And then there’s this little beauty of the two of them together and leaving somewhere together late at night.


Tony can probably expect more articles like the current Shirt-fronted  that is appearing in The Age particularly if he continues in politics and continues sniping from the sidelines and Malcolm Turnbull decides the best way to neutralise him politically is to discredit him.



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