Violence against women and drunken footballers

The Age reports that Richmond’s Dustin Martin threatened to stab a fellow restaurant patron with a chopstick after she told the drunken Tiger to stop acting offensively at a Chapel Street eatery on Saturday night, according to a club source.

The Tiger, who has been punished by the club in the past for several off-field incidents, apologised to the woman in question as well as to the managers and owners of the restaurant.

“He had been drinking and was clearly disruptive to other diners and a female patron,” a Tiger’s spokesman confirmed.


Dustin Martin 187 cm and 90 kg apologises for threatening a woman 

It’s highly likely that his apology included “I was drunk at the time”. 

 As if this makes the behaviour acceptable.

 When men get drunk, they often become garrulous, lecherous or aggressive (or various combinations of all three).

It’s not being drunk that makes them like this. Alcohol suppresses inhibitions that control these behaviours, it doesn’t produce them.

This man has some deep-seated problems and part of his apology should be undergoing a behaviour modification program and standing down from the Richmond Football team until he has returned 365 daily zero alcohol blood readings.

 And what was the Richmond Football Club’s response?

 It’s thinking about it.

 Richmond Football Club President, Peggy O’Neil, should have said in the press today: “We are suspending him indefinitely with a view to delisting  him. This type of behaviour is unacceptable and is completely contrary to the policies  and practices of the Richmond Football Club.”

O’Neal is the first female president of AFL football club and was a partner at Herbert Smith Freehills for a number of years and is presently a consultant lawyer with Lander & Rogers.


She is recognised as one of Australia’s best lawyers, was a consultant to the Federal Government’s recent Cooper Review of the superannuation system, and currently serves as a non-executive director on the boards of several financial services entities, including MLC nominees, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation and Retails Responsible Entity Limited.

In relation to violence against women Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO said, “The standard you walk past is the one that you accept.”


 It was true of the Army then and it’s true of the Richmond Football Club now.

Breaking news

The Age reports that AFL legend Kevin Bartlett believes Richmond star Dustin Martin should be suspended for a year for threatening to stab a woman in the face with a chopstick at a Chapel Street restaurant and bar on Saturday night.

“This incident will test Richmond’s president Peggy O’Neal, CEO Brendon Gale, the Tigers’ coaching panel and the club’s board” said Bartlett. “There were the usual regrets from the player, the apology and embarrassment for Martin, (but) not one word that violence against women is totally unacceptable and this is at an AFL club that has the first and only female president.


Kevin Bartlett: 403 games in five premierships with Richmond

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