Bronwyn Bishop to re-contest her seat

 The ABC reports that Federal MP Bronwyn Bishop intends to recontest her seat of Mackellar at the next federal election.

New documents also show that Mrs Bishop spent more than $50,000 on a South American trip in January, a bill approximately double those of other MPs and senators travelling alongside her.

A spokesman for Mrs Bishop said she would recontest her seat, following a report from Fairfax Media that she told supporters she had been “exonerated” over the “choppergate” incident.

Her main reason for wishing to return to the parliament is so that she can fight terrorism.

Is she working hard to redefine delusional?

What difference will she make?

What difference has she made?

Answers: Probably, no, and none

Many of us were left with the impression that she was out of touch when she was Speaker and it would appear that she is learnt nothing from the public outcry over her abuse of parliamentary travel entitlements.

She is still at it.


 Public outrage about my travel expenses? Who cares?

Her  February 2015 trip to South America cost the taxpayer $50,000, twice as much as any  of the other parliamentarians who went to the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Peru.

Her decision to re-contest her seat at the next election drew a predictable response from readers of The Age.


Now we all know that the readership of The Age is made up of chardonnay quaffing, latte sipping, tree hugging inner city wankers who hate all true ideologically warriors and whose opinion nobody should take seriously. (Yes I did vote in this poll).

But given those numbers, she would have to hope that the preselection panel in the electorate of Mackellar is entirely drawn from the 7% who think having her back is a good idea.

Translating that 7% to a victory on election day may prove somewhat more difficult and that should focus a few minds.

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