Advice to the media: Time to move Tony Abbott to the entertainment section

Tony Abbott continues to get coverage in the national media and rightly so, depending on how you view he’s a running joke or a festering sore.

But he is also an overwhelming and comprehensive hypocrite.

Interviewed by Alan Jones, that defender of rationality and reason in the body politic Abbott argued that he had been subjected to “astonishing heckling and even vilification from the media class and pretty feral opposition in the Senate”.

Has he forgotten his unconscionable attacks on Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


No hold on, that was different. She deserved it.

While he continues his delusional rantings about his success as a Prime Minister and the immense popular support he had:

there has been the absolute avalanche of letters and emails I’ve had since the middle of September saying ‘thank you for what you did’.”

His rantings should be relegated to the entertainment section of newspapers because he makes no credible contribution to political debate in this country.

He claims he is too young to retire but he is demonstrating that he is not too young to be irrelevant.


 Tony Abbott does a nice line in silly hats and should consider giving up his day job



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