Tony Abbott: now a stand-up comedian

Tony Abbott is preparing to leave Parliament and develop his career as a stand-up comedian.

Like most good stand-ups, he  is developing a range of stories and anecdotes that will be his stock-in -trade and which always get a laugh.

At a recent outing he reprised his  “I could have won the next election” routine. It had them rolling in the aisles.

Another real blockbuster is his “Our first budget was fine”. For a comedian this really is a gift that keeps on giving.  Abbott can spin the  “fair and equitable” gag out for at least 10 minutes and it really is a laugh a minute.

We understand that he is working on his routine for “The role of women in modern society” which he is going to use to target hens parties. He is also understood to be taking advice from the Chippendales about how to spice up his act.


Although, given his partiality for dressing up,


He would probably be better off taking advice from the Village People.


The hot gossip around Canberra at the moment is that he is planning a double act with an old trooper.

abbot bishop

  “Why, Tony, of course I love to sing with you.”

They will be singing old standards such as Come Fly with Me, Around the World, Let’s get away from it all and It’s Nice to Go Trav’ling” .

 There are also rumours of the barbershop quartet.


 The possibilities are endless

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