Climate change: a glimpse of the future

The ferocious storm cell that spawned deadly tornadoes in the US over the weekend is expected to develop into what meteorologists call a “bomb cyclone”, steering exceptionally warm air over the Arctic and more flooding rains into the UK.

The storm will also drag warm air over the high Arctic. with the North Pole temperatures likely to climb to 1-2 degrees above zero on Wednesday – or 41-42 degrees above average for this time of year:

“Needless to say, a 1-2 [degree] reading at the North Pole during late December is about as odd as witnessing Hell freezing over,” wrote. weather blogger Robert Scribbler  “But, in this case, the latest wave of warmth issuing from a human-driven shift toward climatological hell appears to be on schedule to arrive at the North Pole in just a few more days.”

Domino man.jpeg

The North Pole, shrouded in darkness at this time of year, is likely to be warmer than regions of southern California, Oklahoma and Texas, according to US meteorologist Eric Holthuas.
We can only imagine what the impact of this will be but clearly the situation in the UK is going to get worse as the flooding becomes more widespread.

But this is nothing compared with the impact of the warm air over the North Pole. At present, there are no predictions of the extent of the melting of the polar ice cap but this situation can only speed the process up.

Perhaps it would help Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull understand the problem if he took his gin and tonic out onto the patio of his Pipers Point mansion  and watched how long it took for the ice to melt.



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