Turnbull prepares to cut public education funding

The Gonski report was hailed as a watershed in funding for public education in Australia. Malcolm Turnbull is a close friend of school funding reform architect David Gonski but that friendship doesn’t extend to supporting the recommendations that would have seen an improvement in public school funding.

This government is clearly going to continue the extraordinarily generous funding private education and the parsimonious funding of public education.

 The Age reports that The Turnbull government will not fund the final two years of the Gonski school funding deals and will not compete with Labor in an election-year battle to shower more money on schools, Education Minister Simon Birmingham says.


Domino man.jpeg

He added that, “I want a school funding system that is genuinely needs-based and is targeting the money where it’s most required.”

This article was accompanied by video clip detailing the spending of just under $200 million by four private Sydney schools mainly for swimming pools.

It would appear that 2016 is going to be a year in which those of us who hoped that Malcolm Turnbull was going to provide a different government from that of Tony Abbott will be deeply disappointed.

It looks like it’s still a case of “same policies, nicer suits.”

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