A quiz for gun owners and book lovers

Here is a quote from a famous novel:

She could not believe it any more than she could believe that loaded pistols could ever be the best toys for five-year-old

( 1)  Name the character who thought this. (10 points)

(2)  Name the novel. ( 3 points)

(3)   Name the author.  (2 points)

(4)  How did you answer this?

(a) I knew the answer.  (15 points)

(b) I have the book on my bookshelf. (10 points)

(c)  I googled it.  (5 points)

(5)   Are you a member of the NRA ( deduct 30 points)

If you wish to submit an answer put it in the “leave a comment” section at the bottom of this blog.

If you want to have the answers email me



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