Another embarrassment from the government

It was bad enough having Tony Abbott making an absolute prat of himself and being a national and international embarrassment but now we have gathering momentum to install a buffoon as Deputy Prime Minister.

The Age reports that Barnaby Joyce’s claim to the leadership of the Nationals is gaining legitimacy after three former leaders of the party gave him their blessing.
My view is that Barnaby’s best attribute is that he wears his heart on his sleeve

Former deputy prime ministers Mark Vaile, John Anderson and Tim Fischer have all backed the Agriculture Minister’s credentials to be Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s second-in-command, a position the Nationals leader fills under the Coalition agreement with the Liberals.


When Barnaby Joyce was arguing for the leadership of the Nationals he listed a number of things he had been:  deputy leader of the party, a successful minister, opposition spokesman et cetera et cetera.What he didn’t state was what he actually did in those positions.

Most people would recognise that the book of Barnaby Joyce’s achievements would be big on covers and short on pages.

We can only hope that Tony Windsor decides to run in New England in the next federal election and that his local following is enough to unseat Joyce.

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