Loonies of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your brains

Palin endorses Trump


Writing in  The Age, US correspondent Nick O’Malley  says that  “the Palin, Trump ‘marriage’ inevitable”.

 “The two populists occupy the same political space, exciting the angry white working and middle class base that has been most wounded by the economic upheavals of free trade agreements and great recession. They appeal to anxieties and even hatreds. 

Like Mr Trump, Ms Palin is no stranger to controversy. In an earlier endorsement of Mr Trump’s immigration stance, she said immigrants in the US should ‘‘speak American’’.

Does this make it likely that Trump will name Palin as his running mate?

It’s difficult to see what the advantage would be for Trump. He’s already attracted the disaffected lower middle class that Palin appeals to.

Both of them have limited pulling power outside that demographic but at least they would be singing off the same hymn sheet.

Trump has clearly surrounded himself with some very astute political advisers and they may be pressing him to endorse a running mate that will broaden his political appeal. Finding that person could be very difficult.

Running with Palin be scary but it’ll be fun.


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