Letter to my grandson (v)

The year 2016 is has now well and truly begun.

Nana Di and I went away to Tasmania for 10 days. This is a photograph of the Gordon River

Gordon River.JPG

and this is a photograph of Lake St Clair

LSC lake view.JPG

Since you were born, I have seen you nearly every day of your life so this was the longest I have ever been away from you. It was good get away but I did miss you a lot.

You and your mum came around to 170 Mary Street to collect the mail while we were away. Apparently, you were a bit upset to find a house empty.

The day after we got home, your mum brought you round to see us.  She took you out of your pusher on the veranda and you ran down the hallway towards me with your arms stretched up so I could pick you up.  When I did, you wrapped your arms around my neck and held on tighter than I have ever felt you hold on before and you didn’t let go for quite a long time.

It was quite a greeting but it made me wonder what you were thinking when the house was empty.  For a few days after that, you seemed to be quieter and slightly more reflective than you usually are. There had been two big changes to your routine that week, our going away and your starting day care.

This first photo is a photo that your mum took of you while you were enjoying a baby chino. Perhaps you are just assessing the quality of the chocolate topping but to me your beautiful eyes seems strangely sad  perhaps it was too much change for one week or a little boy.


The second photo is one that I took on your first Monday after we got back. You’re having breakfast, sitting at your little table instead of in your highchair where you and I shared breakfast together and where you sometimes let me feed you if you are too distracted by the interesting things that Nana Di is doing preparing your three course breakfast.  There is a slightly quizzical look on your face and I hope you didn’t think that I’d given up sharing breakfasts.

Little table 2.jpeg

By far the biggest change is that you are now a big daycare boy and you have, as I predicted, taken to it like a fish to water.

Nana Di and I came with your mum and dad to pick you up on your second day. You rushed to greet me with your arms held high as you usually do. I picked you up and you began pointing round the room explaining how you had been playing in the sandpit and pointing out your new friends.


 The sandpit at Camelot daycare

There is a balancing beam in the room and you want to show me how you walk along it. As a concession to Grandpa Tim, I was allowed to hold your hand.

When we took you home, you refused to go in your pusher (as usual) so your dad and I carried you.  I love carrying you because I know it is a pleasure that will will not last forever and I need to make the most of it.

We stopped at Fredrick’s, a grocery shop run by friend from the bowling club and bought you a small chocolate bar which you devoured.

Article Lead - wide6280245611e2kcimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.11e2oo.png1414634180171.jpg-620x0.jpg

I am amazed at how much you can eat when you put your mind to it, but then I’m also amazed at the huge amount of energy you expend. You are getting better at sitting still and reading stories with Nana Di but ever since you were a baby, you are very rarely still so I guess you need a fair amount of fuel.

Last Friday, when you arrived at daycare, you insisted that your mum carry you in, but once inside you saw Jess (one of the staff you’ve taken a shine to), you indicated you wanted to be put down, found a small chair, carried it over to the table, sat down, waved goodbye to your mum and waited for your breakfast.  It’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time knowing that you making new friends.

You have a particular charm with adults and many remark what beautiful eyes you have. So I suppose that if a little boy looks up at you like this,


it is no wonder that he wins hearts everywhere.






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