Go Tone, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint

The Age reports that:

Fresh from giving new hope to disaffected conservative Liberals by staying in federal politics, Tony Abbott will fly to the United States on Tuesday to gee-up one of the religious right’s most reactionary bodies, the Alliance Defending Freedom…. a pro-Christian, Republican-aligned lobby, which opposes abortion, wants to end gay marriage and is pushing to roll back some feminist advances.

Some right-wing MPs believe he can be restored to the top job, and that in the interim, he should be elevated to the cabinet

Apparently, Tony will be speaking on the importance of family and will be accompanied by his wife, Margy who was used to keeping a tight grip on him.



It is not certain yet whether he will be addressing the American Housewives Baking Association on the importance of apple pie.

Nor is it certain whether he will be addressing the American Nursing Mothers Association on the importance of motherhood.

Abbott doesn’t seem to realise that the more he associates with the radical right, particularly the loonies in America, the sharper the distinction between him and Malcolm Turnbull becomes. Nor does he seem to realise that it is exactly that distinction that led to his being deposed as Prime Minister and led to a remarkable turnaround in the fortunes of the Federal Liberal party.

Almost everything he does now reinforces the idea that he wasn’t a very good Prime Minister and that getting rid him was an extremely good idea.

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