Out of step, out of touch, should be out of parliament.

Since his ignominious demise as Prime minister, Tony Abbott has been showing his true political colours, particularly in relation to gay marriage. Remember all the talk about a referendum when he was Prime Minister? It would never have happened and if it did, and the result was favourable, the obdurate right of the Parliamentary Liberal party would have found some way of torpedoing the vote.


 Eric Abetz  will vote against gay marriage even if the referendum supports it

In a statement of typically overwhelming hypocrisy Abbott said: “we need less ideology and more common sense” but reaffirmed his strong opposition to same sex marriage.”


There is apparently no truth in the rumour that Tony Abbott will increase the American Association of Onion Growers advocating eating raw onions as a cure for homosexuality.

It’s unbelievable that a man whose every action is driven by deep-seated right wing ideology should now start appealing to common sense to support his beliefs.  It’s been said that patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel, perhaps that should be appeals to common sense.

 Surely, common sense would dictate that the wishes of the majority of Australian electorate (as demonstrated in numerous polls) would be respected and gay marriage legalised. But that’s not Tony Abbott’s definition of common sense. Common sense is agreeing with Tony.

He continued by saying  “”Policymakers shouldn’t be judgmental about people’s personal choices but we can’t be indifferent to the erosion of family given its consequences for the wider community.”
Legalising gay marriage will not lead to any of social change in Australia. Most of the people who will be affected by the legislation are already living in same-sex marriages. The legislation would simply give the same legal rights to these people as are enjoyed by the rest of the population. The only consequence of this will be greater equality and equity within the Australian community and for people such as Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster.

Domino man.jpeg

In the light of Abbott’s addressed to the lunatic right in America, it’s somewhat ironic to note that The Age reports that “Same sex marriage has been legal in the US since a landmark Supreme Court ruling in June last year, but remains outlawed in Australia.”

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